The Apocalypse has started

The cataclysm has released legendary but no less evil creatures to destroy the earth as we know it.

The end of the world? Maybe not yet...

Discover how the Kontest team has survived the Apocalypse!
Jacinthe Busson

COO, Co-founder

Jacinthe is pretty much like Buffy when it comes to kill white-faced blood suckers.

Sylvain Weber

CEO, Co-founder

Sylvain successfully kicked out the forest trolls with his little wood stick.

Laura Duhommet

Data Analyst

Laura has got herself some silver bullets in order to drive werewolves out of the country. Down boy!

Anais Pellet

Business Developer

Anais sure knows how to get rid of hungry for fresh meat zombies. Rule #1: "always aim for the head"

Sophie Patourel

Web Designer

Sophie sent the Kraken Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Fortunately, she has her swimming certificate.

Arnaud Robin

Social Marketing Evangelist

Arnaud took care of disabling every single war robot here to take over the human race.

Jim Rocket


December 31st, Jimmy finally closed the Pandora's box and stopped the end of the world. Phew! Everything went back to normal.



The kontest team

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